Transit post – Ten hours in Singapore

To be honest the Qantas delay wasn’t too big an issue for me but the whingeing pom irate person of an English heritage standing behind me in the queue did get on my nerves. When he started comparing the experience of a delayed plane to every other calamitous event that had befallen him and claimed that the bus driver was the worst he ever had in his 60 odd years of life I thought he might be exaggerating the seriousness of the delay.

Despite a very strong temptation to find a spot to sleep at Changi airport in Singapore I jumped on the first train of the morning which at 5.30am left only a couple of hours after I landed. I’d hoped Singapore would be a bustling 24 hour city but at 6am the CBD was pretty quiet. The Marina Bay area was pretty spectacular though. Well out of my budget but I can understand its appeal.

Early morning at Marina Bay

Early morning at Marina Bay

Alas I also wasn’t able to experience a Singapore Sling or G&T at the Raffles. The building and gardens still look impressive. As do the Fort Canning gardens, another reminder of Singapore’s colonial history. I was however able to partake in some Kaya toast in Chinatown, a Singaporean favourite which combines coconut milk, eggs and sugar into a spread. Like an eggy coconut jam…

I'd imagine it costs about as much as the Raffles in Perth

I’d imagine it costs about as much as the Raffles in Perth

Next stop a few days in Bangkok to sort out a visa for Myanmar (Burma). Also to partake in the Songkran festival (known to Westerners as the Water Festival)!!

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